Blake Bortles Claims His Arm “Deteriorated” Last Season

Jacksonville Jaguars’ quarterback Blake Bortles went through some typical stumbling blocks, which are normal for any rookie quarterback starting in his first NFL season.

However, Bortles claims his arm was not in top form as the weeks rolled on last year (via ESPN).

My arm kind of deteriorated during the season. It didn’t affect anything. It was just, I think, a product of throwing for two years straight without any break.

Took some time off, let it heal, and then went kind of (to seek) out some proper mechanics on how to make it never hurt again.

This might just be code for achieving an overall 69.5 percent quarterback ranking in his rookie campaign. But if Bortles’ arm is pooping out after just one season, then what kind of vitamins must Peyton Manning and Tom Brady be taking?

Anyway, Bortles who has been working on both his footwork and throwing motion, has also adopted a new fitness regime. His weight has dropped to 238 pounds from 250 and his body fat went from 17 percent to a sick 10 percent.

Bortles spoke a bit on his new physique:

A little bit leaner. I guess I was, when I left here, I was probably, I don’t know, I was kind of fat.

While this is all dandy, the fact remains that the Bortles and the Jaguars sit at the bottom of the AFC South. It will eventually take some major changes at the top to get the Jags out of their funk.

Photo: USA Today Sports