Bills HC ‘not necessarily’ worried about Tyrod Taylor if team drafts QB

Tyrod Taylor

If Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor is looking for an unwavering vote of confidence, he probably shouldn’t look towards new head coach Sean McDermott.

The coach was asked if he’d be concerned with how Taylor would perceive the message if the team used the No. 10 overall pick on a quarterback. Based on McDermott’s response, that’s not an issue.

In truth, McDermott shouldn’t be worried. If a team is seriously considering using the No. 10 pick on a quarterback in a draft that’s notoriously light on top tier quarterbacks, then it doesn’t think much of its starter in the first place. The team’s contract stance with Taylor proves that without a shadow of doubt (details here).

In that case, why should he worry about how Taylor perceives such a move matter?

Additionally, McDermott’s goal should be winning games. The best coaches in NFL history have generally not been the types to worry about how a player — even superstars — may perceive competition.

To his credit, Taylor has expressed the right attitude, as well.

Whether Buffalo should use its No. 10 pick on a quarterback is an entirely different discussion. But if it happens, the Bills at least know that the most important people are viewing it correctly.