Biggest winners and losers from MLB’s first month

By Michael Dixon

A month of MLB action is in the can. For some, a new month represents nothing more than a new day. For others,  new month represents new hope.

Half of the teams we’re going over are hoping they fall into Category A. The other half are clamoring for Category B.

So, who are those teams?

Which New York team is sad to see April go? Which New York team is more than happy it’s gone? The Giants and Royals won the World Series and 2014 and 2015, respectively. What’s gone wrong with them? Conversely, what’s going right with teams like the Rockies and White Sox, who haven’t done anything of note in a long time?

Who are MLB’s biggest winners and losers from April?

Note: All Stats and records are accurate through play on Sunday, April 30.