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Big Ten announces cancellation of college football this fall

Big Ten conference logo in Indianapolis
Michelle Pemberton/IndyStar

The first big shoe to drop. After negotiations and talks over the past several days, the Big Ten announced that it has canceled the 2020 college football season this fall and will attempt to play it during the spring.

University presidents had been engaging in contentious talks over the past few days. Those came to a culmination on Tuesday when the powers that be initially floated the idea of playing the football season this coming spring. This will undoubtedly have wide-ranging ramifications on college football.

Will the 2020 college football season now be canceled?

It’s looking more and more like the PAC-12 will join the Big Ten in canceling college football this fall. If that is indeed the case, this leaves the SEC, Big 12 and ACC as the three Power Five conferences still willing to start their seasons in less than three weeks.

However, the Big Ten opting to cancel its season changes the entire landscape of college football. There’s now a chance that schools who want to play this fall will look to join one of the three other conferences. Remember, Jim Harbaugh of Michigan and Nebraska’s Scott Frost have been two big figures who continue to push back against the idea of canceling the season.