Best sights and sounds from MLB spring training

Spring training is officially underway and games (kind of) have begun.

Across the world of the Internet, we are blessed with amazing news, photos, and fun little tidbits to get us excited for Opening Day.

Let’s take a look at some of the happenings around Arizona and Florida as baseball is reintroduced to us.

Everything MVP Mike Trout does is amazing, but this is just a little bit above that.

How well do Jayson Werth and Bryce Harper look together? Photo day during spring training is always a blast. Did they just become best friends?


This could be interesting. According to Patrick Mooney of CSN Chicago, Cubs Kyle Schwarber will be leading off this season.

A bit strange for someone with a .479-career slugging percentage.

If you ask, then you shall receive.

Rays pitcher Chris Archer took to twitter to ask the world what would we like to see changed in the game of baseball.

Six-time All-Star pitcher Justin Verlander responded by saying he wanted the DH position gone.

We think it’s great the players are being vocal about some of the changes commissioner Rob Manfred has made or plans on making.

Rays outfielder Colby Rasmus received a lot of negative attention when it came to his beard. And it’s pretty obvious to see why.

Don’t worry, he’s cleanly shaven so we can all sleep better tonight.

When it comes to concession stands, Major League Baseball is constantly pushing the envelope.

There have been cotton candy hot dogs and churro dogs that have taken over the ballpark. And now at spring training, you can enjoy a bacon-wrapped burger-wrapped hot dog. Yes, it’s a thing.

Make sure you don’t skip the gym.

ABC15 and Kari Van Horn in Arizona will give you other options on the menu, but they don’t get much healthier.

This also happened.

MTV’s Johnny Bananas and Camila came out to hang out with Giants outfielder Hunter Pence and wife Lexi.

This isn’t the first time Bananas has been on a baseball field either. I interviewed him last year when he was a guest to throw out the first pitch at the Reno Aces Opening Day.

Spring training brings out the fans, the fun and continues to be light-hearted until the real work begins.