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Benjamin Watson: NFL must do more than fine Ndamukong Suh to send message that sticks

Jesse Reed
Ndamukong Suh being released was one of the biggest stories Monday as the NFL tampering period kicked into high gear

As he’s done throughout his career, Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh crossed the line Thursday night against the Baltimore Ravens. He was called for two personal fouls and should have been called for three in the game. And at one point he legitimately choked backup Ravens quarterback Ryan Mallett.

Anyone who’s followed Suh’s career just nodded their head seeing that image.

Yep. This is what he does. It’s not right. Not by a long shot. He has stomped players, body slammed players, taken late, dirty shots at players and has racked up some hefty fines for his actions.

He’s also been suspended once for stomping on the arm of Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrirch-Smith back in 2011.

But none of that has stopped Suh from crossing the line whenever it suits him.

Speaking about Suh after watching him do what he’s been doing for years to his teammates this Thursday, Ravens tight end Ben Watson, who was a member of the Cleveland Browns when Suh Hulk-smashed Jake Delhomme said the NFL needs to do more to stop him.

“I think he’s crossed the line since he’s been in the league,” Watson said on Friday’s PFT PM podcast, via Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio. “Years ago I was playing with the Browns and I remember him body slamming Jake Delhomme when he was in Detroit. I mean there’s been numerous times — he’s stomped on Aaron Rodgers. There’s been numerous times where he’s done things that are totally unacceptable in our league and things that as a player we all go out there and give our best effort, we prepare, we provide for our families, this is our life’s work. And for someone to come out and do things outside of the game. He’s a dominant player, he’s a powerful player, he’s a guy who can totally take control of a game. He’s that guy that you have to say, ‘Hey, we have to make a certain protection for this guy’, because he’s that good of a defensive player. And so for him to go the extra mile and to do things to hurt people or maybe he thinks it’s intimidating people, there’s no place for it in the game and what he did last night is kind of his M.O. That’s what he’s been doing since he’s been in the league. He gets fined and keeps on going, and I hope the league looks at what he did last night and punish him accordingly.”

It’s hard to argue against what Watson is saying. Especially in this day and age when the NFL insists it’s doing everything in its power to protect players from injuries. If ever there was a guy the league needs to make an example of (not named Vontaze Burfict) then it’s Suh.

However, Pro Football Focus reports the NFL has no plans to suspend Suh for his actions on Thursday night. Which, we feel inclined to mention once more, included Suh literally choking a guy.