Ben Roethlisberger on the Steelers’ struggles: ‘Follow me’

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers areĀ 4-4 and in a three-game losing streak. A once virtually assured playoff spot is, for now, very much in question. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was asked what his teammates need to do to show the proper urgency, while remaining calm. His response was simple.

“Follow me.”

The quarterback added that “Guys that have been here know that there is no reason to panic.” When asked how he’d set the example, Big Ben replied succinctly, saying “Just watch me.”

Given how many times he’s been there before, you can certainly do a lot worse than following Roethlisberger’s lead on the football field.

In reality, while the Steelers are struggling, there isn’t a need to panic.

Pittsburgh enters Week 10 tied with the Baltimore Ravens for the lead in the AFC North. Presently, Baltimore owns the tiebreaker. But the Steelers and RavensĀ have a Christmas Day rematch set in Pittsburgh.

Of the remaining Steeler opponents, only two have winning records. Additionally, Pittsburgh has two games remaining against the winless Cleveland Browns.

The Steelers do need to be urgent, but Big Ben is right, panicking is not needed at this point.