Before first 49ers practice ends, Levi’s Stadium already showing signs of wear

By Jesse Reed
Courtesy of AP Photo/Tony Avelar

It didn’t even take one practice for the much maligned turf at Levi’s Stadium started to become an issue once again. The San Francisco 49ers opened training camp on Saturday night at the stadium, and not a half-hour into the affair the turf was already showing signs of wear and tear.

Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle took this picture as evidence:

Just a little bit later, Matt Maiocco tweeted this update:

The grass is getting uprooted already?

Before one practice is over?

Not a good look at all. This turf was an issue for much of the 2014 NFL season. The team had to put new sod down on more than one occasion.

This issue should not be an issue. There has been plenty of time to establish a healthy root system, but perhaps because of the outrageously busy schedule for non-football events at the $1.3 billion stadium, that necessary system has never been allowed to develop.

No doubt the team’s ground crew will begin working to repair the damage immediately following practice. The 49ers are scheduled to practice at Levi’s Stadium seven more times this summer, and the first home preseason game is August 23 against the Dallas Cowboys at 5 p.m. PT.

It will be interesting to track this developing story throughout camp to see what, if anything, the franchise can do to ensure the turf at Levi’s Stadium is healthy for the long regular season…and beyond.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Tony Avelar