Bears WR Kevin White has Maserati stolen in carjacking

Former Chicago Bears first-round pick Kevin White has been unable to stay healthy on the field. Since being selected No. 7 overall back in 2015, the West Virginia product has played in a grand total of four games.

Thankfully, a carjacking incident involving White’s Maserati luxury car concluded without anyone being injured. It’s definitely a scary situation, one that reads like it’s out of a Hollywood blockbuster.

According to a local NBC News affiliate, White’s car was stolen in what has been dubbed a “bumper tapping” scheme in Chicago on Thursday. The incident involved a fake accident, in which his car was rear-ended by another vehicle at a stop sign. White’s car, driven by his girlfriend at the time, was then stolen following the accident.

“Chicago authorities confirmed a 26-year-old woman was driving on that block when she was rear-ended at a stop sign. When she exited the Maserati to check for damage, two men got inside and drove off in the car,” NBC Chicago reported. “The luxury vehicle theft was one of several reported in numerous parts of the city over the last month in which thieves use “bumper tapping” to steal vehicles, police said.”

White had previously posted a photo of the luxury car on Instagram a couple years back.


At the very least, it looks like no one was harmed here. Material items will come and go. The wellbeing of those close to you is much more important.