Bears set up alarm on rookie’s phone to remind him to eat

Courtesy of Trevor Ruszkowski, USA Today Sports

This is next level stuff right here. It’s also something every single one of us would love to have.

Chicago Bears rookie first-round pick Leonard Floyd needs to gain weight in order to hold up in the NFL. At 244 pounds, he’s a bit light to play outside linebacker at the highest level football has to offer.

So the Bears came up with an idea. A pretty genius idea.

They set up an alarm on the rookie’s phone to remind him to eat. Not only that, it reminds him to eat whatever he wants and however much he wants.

“I’ve got prompts set up on my phone of times in the day that I’m supposed to eat, making sure I eat at those time when I get the alarm,” Floyd said, via¬†CSN Chicago.

Five In-N-Out burgers complemented with three orders of animal-style fries. Cool, no problem. Maybe some delightful desserts from Bobtail Ice Cream.

This sounds like a tremendous plan.

The Georgia product recorded 17 sacks in three seasons in Athens, and was considered one of the top EDGE rush guys in the draft. If he’s able to put on 20-25 pounds, the dude is going to be an absolute force for Chicago.