Barbara Bush told doctors to get her out of hospital in time for Super Bowl LI

Former first lady Barbara Bush is a huge football fan, and she wasn’t going to let a hospital stay get in the way of helping Houston host Super Bowl LI.

While President George H. W. Bush remains hospitalized, Barbara Bush was discharged Monday morning after making it clear to her doctors that she had more important things to do.

The former first lady was hospitalized with fatigue and coughing that was later diagnosed as viral bronchitis.

President Bush is still hospitalized but has been removed from the ICU. He’s expected to be discharged by Friday, per KHOU-TV, and has been working through bacterial pneumonia.

“He is sitting up and watching TV and anxiously awaiting his favorite oyster stew for lunch,” said Dr. Amy Mynderse, a hospitalist at Houston Methodist.

Both President Bush and Barbara hope to be in attendance two weeks from now when the Atlanta Falcons host the New England Patriots at NGR Stadium for Super Bowl LI. They are regulars at Houston Texans and Houston Astros home games and are beloved by those in the community.