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Baker Mayfield on Lamar Jackson refusing to run 40: ‘Love that’

Jesse Reed
Cardinals quarterback Lamar Jackson has a lot of pressure on his shoulders heading into college football Week 1

Lamar Jackson made a huge statement during the 2018 NFL Scouting Combine by refusing to run or do any of the Olympic style drills, which we actually advocated the week before. He’s a quarterback, yet there’s been a lot of talk about how some in the NFL feel he needs to move to receiver. So, to make a point and take a strong stand, he made his combine all about throwing the football.

Some people felt like he should have run and done all the other drills. But one person who is completely on board with Jackson’s decision is one of his peers, Baker Mayfield.

Mayfield told Robert Klemko of The MMQB that Jackson, “was definitely making a statement by not running the 40, and I like it. They asked him if he’d work at receiver and he asked if Josh Allen would be working at tight end. Love that. I watched so many of his games and I think he’s a special talent. People underestimate his arm. He’s got a really strong arm. I feel the sky’s the limit for him.”

Having watched many of his college games myself, I couldn’t agree more with Mayfield here. Jackson is flawed, like every other quarterback coming into the draft this year. But his flaws are ones that can be fixed by coaching and repetitions, and his future in the NFL is as bright as anyone coming into the league this year.

Obviously it’s going to take some imagination and creativity for an NFL team to get the most out of Jackson right away, but his talent is undeniable. He’s a brilliant quarterback, and we cannot wait to see what he does at the next level.