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WATCH: Bad snap, Jason Pierre-Paul fumble recovery puts Bucs back in scoring range vs Rams

Jason Pierre-Paul

There’s no way this happens again right? Down 27-3, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are rallying back against the Los Angeles Rams to make a competitive game again thanks to a late Jason Pierre-Paul fumble recovery. With the Rams up 27-13, they had just recovered a Tom Brady fumble, forced by Von Miller until they gave the ball right back to the Bucs.

On the very next snap following the turnover, Rams center Brian Allen hiked the ball, but Stafford wasn’t prepared, not even looking at the line of scrimmage. The ball sailed over Stafford’s head, with JPP recovering the fumble, flipping the field for a 25-yard loss, giving the Bucs the ball at the Rams’ 45-yard line.

Here is a look at the ridiculousness that ensued on the play.

Despite Jason Pierre-Paul’s fumble recovery, Bucs couldn’t score

Unfortunately, the Bucs weren’t able to capitalize. Just five plays later, they turned the ball over on downs after an incomplete 4th-and-14 pass attempt to Mike Evans. However, even that play didn’t come without some controversy as there was a 15-yard late hit penalty flag thrown on Eric Weddle for the smack delivered on Evans.

But since it occurred after the turnover on downs technically, it only hurt the Rams’ field position to start the drive instead of allowing the Bucs to keep their momentum going.

They remain down 27-13 in the fourth quarter. Could we be witnessing the final game of Tom Brady’s illustrious career?

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