Arizona Trolls Oregon After Major Upset

The Arizona Wildcats pulled off the first major upset of the 2014 college football season by defeating the Oregon Ducks 31-24 in Eugene, Oregon on Thursday night.

Marcus Mariota, who wasn’t near 100 percent for the game,¬†was sacked by Scooby Wright late in the fourth quarter with the Wildcats up by seven. The Heisman Trophy candidate then proceeded to fumble the ball, clinching the victory for Arizona (5-0).

It was a rare home defeat for the second-ranked Ducks, who took a major hit in their hopes for a spot in the newly installed playoff.

For the Wildcats, it might have been a program-defining win under head coach Rich Rodriguez. And their social media team didn’t waste any time telling Oregon what they thought about the upset.

The level of awesome in this tweet is so real. It’s what you would call a social media troll of epic proportions from individuals who weren’t alive when Duckhunt was made popular during the Nintendo craze of the 1980’s.

Bag these ducks up, they might as well be fried right about now. And for that, Arizona deserves a ton of credit.