Does anybody believe that Johnny Manziel works out ‘every single day?’

By Rachel Wold

As the hours tick down to a possible indictment by the Dallas grand jury, former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel appears to be calm as a cucumber.

In fact when asked by reporters at TMZ Sports when he finds time to train, Manziel confidently responded that he works out “every single day.” Manziel was leaving King’s Fish House in Calabasas mid-day, with an entourage of friends when the reporters spotted him.

As Manziel was getting in the car, he pointed up to the mountains which he indicated he climbs to the top of every day, per TMZ. A friend speaking on Manziel’s behalf kept repeating “all day” as the guys loaded into the car and rolled up the windows.

Whether Manziel is telling the truth or unleashing a load of bull so he will look impressive to a potential NFL suitor is anybody’s guess.

It’s truly hard to believe that a guy that stays up to the wee hours of the early morning multiple times a week partying has the energy or time hike up tall mountains each and every day.

Perhaps this much dedication should have been given by him physically when he was actually a member of an NFL team. In the past two months, we have seen Manziel’s face and name plastered all across the news headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Maybe Manziel’s new roommate Josh Gordon is inspiring him. Gordon hopefully is working out as well while he waits until Aug. 1 to find out the status of his reinstatement into the NFL.

Meanwhile, Manziel might as well take in all the mountain fresh air he can, because he potentially faces up to one year in jail if he is convicted on charges of domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend.