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Antonio Brown police report: Accused of shoving woman to ground with two hands

Jesse Reed
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The alleged domestic incident involving Antonio Brown now has a corroborating police report, which shows he is accused of shoving a woman to the ground with two hands.

Andy Slater shared the police report, which states that the mother of his daughter was at his home dropping off their daughter. When she tried to get some money from Brown, per the report, he told her to get off his property.

When she refused to move from the doorway, she alleges “Brown used both hands to push her out of the doorway, causing Jackson to fall backwards to the ground.”

As the police report shows, Jackson did not complete a victim affidavit, and Brown was not arrested. The report details that Jackson showed the officer “an abrasion with some scabbing” and that she took their daughter home to her mother’s house after the alleged incident.

Brown’s lawyer responded to the initial report by excoriating the media and saying the allegations were “baseless and false.”

After the police report was leaked, Brown’s lawyer issued the following response: