Antonio Brown explains why he was wearing Panthers helmet

By Rachel Wold

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown freaked out his fans on Wednesday when he posted a curious Snapchat of himself wearing a Carolina Panthers helmet.

We guessed there was likely some simple explanation for Brown’s post, as he is a happy member of the Steelers. Rest assured, Brown indeed explained on Thursday why he was wearing the wrong team’s helmet, via his Twitter account.

There we have it. Brown was just paying some good, old-fashioned respect to No. 88, tight end Greg Olsen. The helmet matched perfectly with Brown’s blue workout attire.

Brown and Olsen won’t meet during the regular NFL season. But perhaps the two buddies can say hi to one another when the Steelers host the Panthers in the final game of the preseason that takes place on August 31.

Until then, happy practicing, AB.