Anquan Boldin sold on Blaine Gabbert, who is ‘a blessing in disguise’

By Rachel Wold

The arrival of quarterback Blaine Gabbert to the San Francisco 49ers’ starting lineup has helped revive the team and Anquan Boldin’s role within the offense.

So when asked by NFL Network’s Andrew Siciliano if he believes Gabbert can be the future quarterback for the team, Boldin shared this.

“I think so. His body of work the last couple of weeks speaks for itself. You don’t play the way that he’s been playing just by luck.”

Boldin continued.

“He’s had time to sit back and really learn. I think him coming over here has been a blessing in disguise for not only him but us as well. You’ve seen him the last couple of weeks. He’s been playing lights out.”

The transformation of Gabbert as a terrible quarterback from the Jacksonville Jaguars to a viewer-friendly quarterback for the 49ers has been truly remarkable thus far. Gabbert has proven himself as a reliable pocket passer and as Boldin stated, he has “wheels” and he “can throw the ball with the best of them.”

Also demonstrated by Gabbert over his four starts is his remarkable improvement under pressure — his Achilles heel during his tenure in Jacksonville.

Gabbert, with his bargain contract, is due only $2 million next season. This is approximately half the amount you’d expect a good backup to earn. And since Gabbert has proven to be better than most current backups, he’ll likely earn the chance to compete for the starting job in training camp next summer.

During the three games in which Boldin has played with Gabbert under center he has received 31 targets, which he turned into 18 catches for 223 yards. Though, whether we’ll see the chemistry continue to develop between Gabbert and Boldin next year depends on the receiver’s status. Boldin is set to become a free agent in 2016.