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Las Vegas police report details alleged Alvin Kamara battery incident

Alvin Kamara
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A new police report from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department details what allegedly happened on Saturday at a nightclub located in the 3500 block of South Las Vegas Boulevard leading to New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara being arrested on suspicion of battery right after the Pro Bowl.

Hours before the 2022 Pro Bowl, the 26-year-old running back was at the Cromwell Casino at Drais After Dark Club in Las Vegas. According to the victim, Darnell Greene, the battery took place around 6:30 local time.

In the official press release Sunday night, LVPD said officers were dispatched to a nearby hospital at 5:50 p.m. on Saturday to speak to a person who reported a battery. Upon arrival, a ‘still shaken’ Greene told officers he could recall the fight and describe one male.

According to the police report, Greene said he was leaving the club and waiting by the elevators. He walked upon a group of people waiting outside and started having a conversation with them. When the elevator opened, everyone walked towards the opening doors.

  • Alvin Kamara stats (2021): 898 rushing yards, 439 receiving yards, 9 total touchdowns

At that point, Greene says, Kamara placed his hand on Greene’s chest to stop him from entering the elevator. Greene says he then pushed Kamara’s hand off his chest. He was then shoved and stumbled back when he says he started being hit and punched by multiple people before losing consciousness.

“They allege that Kamara and three of his friends got into a fight with a man, his name was Darnell Greene, coming off an elevator. According to police, what they allege, that Kamara put his hand on Greene. Greene then pushed it off and the result was a fight that involved Kamara punching Greene several times, fracturing his orbital bone along with other damage that he sustained. When the man was down on the ground knocked unconscious, according to police, Kamara and his friends preceded to kick the man before leaving.”

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport on Las Vegas police report regarding Alvin Kamara battery charges

According to the LVPD report, Greene suffered an orbital fracture on his right eye and there is a chance he may need surgery. At the time he was speaking to law enforcement, he still couldn’t open the right eye. Video footage obtained by police lined up with Greene’s accounts of the events and Kamara admitted to police that he did punch him.

Kamara posted $5,000 bond and was released with his first court appearance scheduled for 1:30 p.m. PT on Monday. A full investigation into the matter is still ongoing.

  • Alvin Kamara contract: $5.5 million base salary (2022), $6 million roster bonus, $14.5 million cap hit

A five-time Pro Bowl selection, Kamara was arrested on Sunday at Allegiant Stadium after playing in the Pro Bowl. He is facing a charge of battery resulting in substantial bodily harm, a felony in Nevada. According to the Las Vegas Defense Group, the penalty for a conviction on the charges can be 1-to-5 years in prison and carries a mandatory fine of $10,000.