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Allegiant Stadium Nickname: Which Will Stick Over Time?

Scott Gulbransen
Allegiant Stadium Las Vegas Raiders

With the shiny silver and black new stadium sprouting up out of the desert, fans and observers have begun calling the $1.8 billion Allegiant Stadium by some creative and catchy nicknames. But which one fits best?

While Raider Nation awaits the christening of its new field as a football venue, the always passionate and creative bunch is already calling the Las Vegas Raiders Allegiant Stadium nicknames that make a nation proud.

With its unique design and shiny black glass exterior, the structure itself is exactly what you’d picture in your mind’s eye as the home of the rollicking marauders known as the Raiders.

Here’s our latest drone footage from high above Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, NV.

It’s the design and brooding presence on the Las Vegas skyline that has resulted in a few Allegiant Stadium nicknames which have seemed to stick over the past several months. We look at each one and get your comments as to why you like them and why, or why not, they may last the test of time.

The Death Star

Ok, so a bit self-serving but we had a T-shirt calling Allegiant Stadium this name going back to last summer. Fans overall seem to prefer this name and use it the most, based on our research of mentions throughout three social media platforms.

This Allegiant Stadium nickname not only perpetuates the mean, nasty and rough side of the Raiders brand and image, but the stadium actually looks like it could be in a Star Wars movie. It’s black glass exterior, coupled with hints of industrial gray and silver, making it easy to imagine Darth Vader parading around its concourse in search of some Kansas City Chiefs Rebel scum.

Does the under-construction Death Star resemble Allegiant Stadium?

Darth Raider, a fan dressed in a Vader costume, has been part of Raider Nation for a while now so it fits. The outlaw, maverick, role so well built by Al Davis shines through on this one.

“I can’t think of a better nickname of the home of my Raiders,” said Renoldo Reyes, who stopped by the stadium to grab a picture on his way home to Oxnard. “I mean, look at it, man. I can see Vader and Stormtroopers marching right out of there.”

Why it Doesn’t Work: As cool and apropos as “The Death Star” is, it will be: trademark law issue. Not only that, when that trademark is owned by Disney, you can bet any sort of merchandise or use of the name is going to run into some heavy resistance. That doesn’t mean fans, broadcasters, or players can’t use it verbally, but the folks at the helm of Lucas Film may notice it quickly and squash it before it reaches its “fully operational” status. Oh, and one more thing: The Death Star was destroyed.