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Alex Smith: ‘I know retirement’s not close’

Michael Dixon
Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith after Week 1 win over Patriots

With trade rumors abound, it’s possible that Alex Smith has played his last game with the Kansas City Chiefs. But despite just finishing his 13th season, the quarterback is nowhere near the end of his NFL career.

Speaking on “PFT Live,” Smith made it clear that he feels there’s a lot left in his tank. He also shed some light on his ultimate goal in football.

“I know it’s not close. I know retirement’s not close. I love what I do too much, I love the challenge of it, I still feel great, my body feels great,” Smith said on via Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk. “I’m still not content. None of us are until we get that ring, get that trophy. That’s what we’re all in search of.”

Where Smith might play remains to be seen. As Smith was not so subtly reminded of on Tuesday, Patrick Mahomes lingers in Kansas City. Certainly, he’ll be starting for the Chiefs at some point. The Cleveland Browns have reported interest in Smith, which doesn’t exactly excite the 13-year veteran.

Smith completed 67.5 percent of his passes in 2017, the second highest total of his career. He also set career highs in both passing yards (4,042) and touchdowns (26), while tossing only five interceptions. So, the numbers back up Smith’s idea that his NFL finish line is still a long ways away.