Alex Rodriguez has no interest in coaching baseball

Since retiring from MLB back in 2016, potential future Hall of Famer and 14-time All-Star Alex Rodriguez has not necessarily been linked too much to the diamond.

Sure he’s out here broadcasting games, but it’s been more about a very public courtship of singer/actress Jennifer Lopez.

It appears that A-Rod is more than happy about that life. Answering questions from fans on Instagram recently, the 43-year-old Rodriguez was asked if he had any interest in coaching baseball.

His response was as clear as day.

There were rumors linking Rodriguez to the New York Yankees’ opening prior to Aaron Boone being hired last winter. In fact, Lopez herself campaigned for her beau to get the job.

This pretty much clears everything up. Rodriguez is more than happy with the retired life and spending time with J-Lo.

Can you blame the man?