Adrian Peterson: ‘Life is way bigger than football’

Adrian Peterson has a fresh perspective on his life and football and how the two intertwine.

Speaking with Ben Goessling of ESPN about these things, and more, Peterson explained how he now knows “life is way bigger than football,” which he believes will help him enjoy the game even more than ever before.

“I’ve always enjoyed the game for what it is. But I would say just now, going into it, it’s even more of a game to me,” Peterson said. “I just realize it for what it is, because life is way bigger than football, the NFL, the Hall of Fame, things like that. Life is way bigger than that. That’s why I think I’ll be able to come out here and just enjoy it more.”

Such a perspective—understanding how small he actually is and how small football is compared to the vastness of life—can only mean good things for Peterson. He also expressed that he sees, more than ever before, how much the NFL depends on the players.

“I don’t owe the NFL anything. It’s a privilege for me and every other guy that’s on this field. For them, without us, they don’t make a dime. That’s how I look at it now.”

Peterson will be an integral part of Minnesota’s offense this upcoming year. The Vikings have high hopes about making the playoffs, and they’ll need Peterson to return to form after missing all but one game in 2014 following his child-abuse charges.

Interestingly, while he is still going to be heavily relied upon to carry the load on the ground, Peterson isn’t the face of the franchise any longer. Second-year quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has taken over in this capacity and is expected to continue developing into a top-tier passer by many experts.

With the pressure off him and given his newfound perspective, Peterson can now approach the upcoming season with peace of mind, which should translate to success on the field.

Photo Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports