Is Aaron Rodgers upset after the Packers released Jordy Nelson?

Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson have made for great battery mates in Green Bay over the past decade. That time has now certainly come to an end with the Packers announcing on Tuesday that they have released Nelson.

While there’s still a chance Nelson could re-sign with Green Bay later in the spring, the team’s press release made it sound like he’s officially done.

We’re not 100 percent sure how Packers players are responding to this release. However, Aaron Rodgers and offensive tackle┬áDavid Bakhtiari might very well have sent a cryptic message out Tuesday via Twitter.

This came as the Packers themselves likely notified Nelson of his release earlier on Tuesday. Obviously, Mr. Rodgers would have been in on that conversation as well.

It wouldn’t be a huge surprise if Rodgers were a bit upset about the release of Nelson, especially on the same day the Packers replaced him with tight end Jimmy Graham.

This is most definitely something to keep an eye on as free agency officially starts around the NFL on Wednesday.