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Aaron Rodgers speaks out on being unvaccinated, blasts ‘cancel culture’ and media for response

Days after testing positive for COVID-19, Green Bay Packers quarterback and reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers defended his status as an unvaccinated player and blamed the media and the NFL for the fallout and COVID protocols this season.

Appearing Friday on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers first addressed his decision to not receive the coronavirus vaccination. He explained why he chose to seek alternative treatment and went after “cancel culture” and the media for how he handled press conferences.

Aaron Rodgers responds to media criticism of his previous comments

Before the 2021 NFL season, Rodgers was asked during a press conference if he was vaccinated, the All-Pro quarterback responded by saying, “Yeah, I’ve been immunized.” Taken to mean he received the vaccine, reports asked him about the decisions made by unvaccinated players and Rodgers defender their right to do so.

Rodgers’ choice of words, responding in the affirmative, came into the spotlight this week. When he tested positive for COVID-19 and was immediately ruled out for 10 days, a rule that applies to unvaccinated players, it became clear that he was deceptive to reporters.

Defending himself on Friday, Rodgers blamed the “woke mob” and “cancel culture” for what he told the media.

Rodgers went on to share some other personal, long-term concerns that added to his hesitancy regarding the vaccine.

Aaron Rodgers denies ignoring league protocols

As far as the reports of Rodgers ignoring protocols or not following league rules, the two-time league MVP mentioned that’s simply not true.

Rodgers, who said he is feeling better, said he consulted with friend Joe Rogan about medical advice and what treatments to undergo to recover from COVID-19.


It’s nice to hear Rodgers share his official stance instead of general rumors and reports. He realized the best way to get his story out there was to just face them head-on, and it’s nice to hear some transparency from the star quarterback after an offseason filled with rumors based on his future.

Rodgers also mentioned being “very excited for Jordan”, speaking of backup quarterback Jordan Love‘s opportunity to get his first start in the NFL.

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