Aaron Rodgers fixed Sam Dekker’s sink, much to chagrin of Olivia Harlan

Is there anything Aaron Rodgers can’t do? It’s a perfectly reasonable question to ask after Sam Dekker revealed he had Rodgers fix his kitchen sink over the weekend.


We must commend Rodgers. While laying down on the job isn’t typically a good thing, in this case it is. Nobody wanted to see him leaning over like so many professional plumbers have been known to do.

Dekker must have been thrilled that he got some free help. The same cannot necessarily be said for his fiance, Olivia Harlan, however, who — perhaps with tongue firmly in cheek — chastised Dekker.

Also, Rodgers may have just let the cat out of the bag here. At this point, he might start to be getting some phone calls from his Green Bay Packers teammates if their sinks start to clog up. We should have seen this potential career-altering change coming perhaps, given his recent choice of facial hair.