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Aaron Rodgers understands why Brett Favre made famous comment about mentor role

Rachel Wold
Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers
Aug 7, 2016; Canton, OH, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) greets Hall of Fame member Brett Favre before the game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Green Bay Packers at the 2016 Hall of Fame Game at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium. The game was cancelled due to safety concerns with the condition of the playing surface. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

When the Green Bay Packers drafted quarterback Aaron Rodgers 24th overall in 2005, it was to eventually replace the legendary Brett Favre, whose last year in Green Bay came in 2007.

Knowing his time with the Packers was winding down at that point, Favre was not exactly warm to his young teammate. This famous quote from Favre about Rodgers still lives today.

“My contract doesn’t say I have to get Aaron Rodgers ready to play, Favre said, (h/t Aaron Nagler of packersnews.com). Now hopefully he watches me and gets something from that.”

“There is no clause that says ‘You groom the next guy who’s going to take your job, or else.’ It doesn’t work that way.”

Favre and Rodgers have since put any awkwardness behind them and the two have a good relationship.

In fact, Favre said he and Rodgers recently talked about what he said.

“We talked about that,” said Favre, referencing the not-mentoring-Rodgers quote. “He said, ‘I get it now. I get what you were saying, or how you carried yourself.’”

Now, Rodgers is the guy tasked with mentoring his younger teammates. Still playing at a high level, Rodgers will be entering his 11th season as the franchise’s starter. The 34-year-old quarterback also plans to play into his 40’s like a couple of the league’s current veteran quarterbacks.

As for Favre, he was 38 in his last year playing for Green Bay. He retired in 2010 after playing one season with the New York Jets and two years with the Minnesota Vikings.

In the end, it is cool see that both Favre and Rodgers remain friendly, setting aside any ill feelings from over a decade ago.