6 Best Contracts Signed in 2015 NBA Free Agency

By David Kenyon

Money was flowing everywhere in NBA free agency.

The total combined amount of newly signed contracts could reach $3 billion, but some teams managed to sign a respective player to a particularly shrewd deal.

From a perennial contender to a recent bottomfeeder, franchises across the league finalized terrific acquisitions that—at least on paper—are the best contracts from the summer of 2015.

Danny Green, San Antonio Spurs

Danny Green accepted a four-year, $45 million offer, but he might’ve sacrificed $20-30 million to re-sign with the San Antonio Spurs. The team used a portion of the money it saved on the shooting guard to add LaMarcus Aldridge. Green, a career 42.0 percent three-point shooter and elite perimeter defender, is a key to San Antonio’s championship aspirations.

Jimmy Butler, Chicago Bulls

How can a max contract be a top deal? The length. Jimmy Butler reportedly wanted a short-term deal, but the Chicago Bulls signed their shooting guard to a five-year contract. Though Butler has an opt-out after the fourth season, Chicago will showcase its rising superstar on a relatively cheap agreement—especially when the salary cap soars next summer. Butler’s max deal is worth approximately $95 million.

Brandan Wright, Memphis Grizzlies

Through seven NBA seasons, Brandan Wright has compiled a career offensive rating of 125 compared to a 106 defensive mark, per Basketball-Reference.com. Before the Dallas Mavericks traded him to acquire Rajon Rondo, Wright had posted a 148 offensive rating in 505 minutes. That’s not a small sample size. That’s absurd. Now he’ll back up Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph. The Memphis Grizzlies signed Wright to a three-year, $18 million deal.

Alan Anderson, Washington Wizards

He’s not the most glamorous addition, but Alan Anderson is a terrific fit on the Washington Wizards. The 32-year-old is a decent three-point shooter, so he’ll adequately replace what Paul Pierce brought offensively. Plus, Anderson is a versatile defender who should take a little pressure off John Wall and Bradley Beal on that end. Anderson inked a one-year contract worth $4 million.

Arron Afflalo, New York Knicks

Believe it or not, the New York Knicks did a good thing. Arron Afflalo has proved he can contribute in a variety of ways during his eight-year career. The shooting guard performed at an All-Star level for the Orlando Magic as the featured scorer, and Afflalo was an efficient tertiary option for the Portland Trail Blazers. He signed a two-year, $16 million contract that clearly benefits both parties. Afflalo holds a player option after the 2015-16 campaign.

David West, San Antonio Spurs

Talk about a steal. West was so hell-bent on playing for a contender that he sacrificed a $12 million salary to play one more season for the Indiana Pacers to sign a $1.4 million veteran’s minimum contract to join the Spurs. The power forward will come off the bench and play alongside Manu Ginobili, Boris Diaw and Patty Mills. West solidified San Antonio’s frontcourt depth, and in turn, the franchise’s title hopes.

Photo: USA Today Sports