49ers linebacker: Kaepernick will be a distraction

The drama currently unfolding between the San Francisco 49ers and quarterback Colin Kaepernick could be coming to a head here within the next three weeks.

San Francisco has been engaged in trade discussions surrounding the embattled signal caller. In fact, the team seems to have the parameters of a deal completed with the Denver Broncos.

Unfortunately for all sides involved in this soap opera, Kaepernick is reportedly unwilling to take a large pay cut to facilitate a deal to Denver.

So what if Kaepernick were to remain with San Francisco heading into the 2016 season? How would the dynamic work in the locker room?

All-Pro linebacker NaVorro Bowman has an answer. And in reality, it’s not going to be music to the ears of fans in Northern California:

“When the season rolls around, I think it will be a distraction,” the 49ers starting inside linebacker said, via ESPN. “But right now, guys are just focused on what we have to do.”

It’s good that members of the team aren’t ignoring the situation that’s playing out right in front of them. It just makes us wonder if San Francisco can justify keeping Kaepernick around if the players are already talking about it potentially becoming a distraction during the season.

This has led many to draw the conclusion that Kaepernick will not be back with San Francisco by the time players report for training camp. If it’s not in the form of a trade to the Broncos, something else will likely come up between now and then.

The likeliest scenario is that Kaepernick will agree to a reduced salary in order to join the Broncos. That’s a decision he will have to make between now and the end of this month’s draft.

As for Bowman. He’s one of the leaders of a team that has lost a ton of veterans over the past couple years. When he talks, you pay attention.