49ers fans fly banner over Levi’s Stadium: ‘The House That Harbaugh Built’

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Flying planes at Levi’s Stadium over 49ers game is nothing new. This most recent one may annoy Jed York and the team’s front office a tad more than the others.

Jim Harbaugh has not coached the San Francisco 49ers for two years, but some San Francisco 49ers fans are making it clear he hasn’t been forgotten.

If we’re going to be technical, this isn’t really true. Levi’s Stadium was announced and planned before Harbaugh was ever hired with the 49ers.

But prior to Harbaugh’s arrival in 2011, the team hadn’t enjoyed a winning season since 2002. In his four years manning the San Francisco sideline, Harbaugh was 44-19-1 with three NFC Championship Game appearances and one trip to the Super Bowl. Since Harbaugh’s departure, the 49ers are 7-24.

So, he may not have technically built it. But Harbaugh did drum up a lot of excitement for a franchise that hadn’t had any for several years before, and hasn’t had since.