25 Used Silverdome Bathrooms Sold in Auction

Did you get a chance to purchase a used Silverdome bathroom? It was a case of everything must go, including whole bathrooms as the remnants of the Pontiac Silverdome were auctioned off over the past couple of days.


The former home of the Detroit Lions is clearing the facility of all remaining items, which included selling over 25 complete restrooms including sinks, stall partitions and urinals. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t like a former restroom used by millions of sloppy fans added to your home as Lions’ memorabilia. The bathrooms reportedly went for just $5 with a removal fee ranging from $150 to $500. That’s pretty cheap versus a whole bathroom remodel.

If you missed out on purchasing a sexy, over-used and abused public bathroom, you could have bid on grills, office furniture, pretzel warmers or dishes. Interestingly enough, the highest value piece sold at auction was the copper wiring in the building that went for an astonishing $89,126.

Likely the most meaningful items to Lions fans which sold, were the turf end zones with “Lions” printed on them, that went for $1,950 each. The “Welcome to Super Bowl XVI” sign went to one lucky bidder for $914.

The city of Pontiac sold the Silverdome was constructed in 1975, sold for an amazing bargain price of $583,000. Though the dome was refurbished in 2010, it wasn’t long before the roof was destroyed in 2012. The investment group speculates that the auction brought in nearly $1 million, which is approximately $417,000 higher than what the building was purchased for.

Yeah, this guy has the right thoughts in mind..

Photo: curbed.com