Winners, losers from Saturday’s wild-card games

12Playoff football is finally here

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Four teams battled it out during Saturday’s wild-card games. The Houston Texans hosted the Indianapolis Colts, then the Dallas Cowboys did the same not far away in Arlington, hosting the Seattle Seahawks.

The Indianapolis Colts took their AFC South rival behind the woodshed, going up 21-0 at the half, in part thanks to an awful call by the refs. From there, Indy went into cruise control in the second half and won 21-7.

Later in the evening, Seattle’s limited offense came back to haunt the Seahawks. Dallas played lights out defensively, leaning heavily on Ezekiel Elliott on the other side of the ball. In the end, the ‘Boys lived to fight another day, winning 24-22 over Seattle.

These were the biggest winners and losers from Saturday’s Wild Card Games.