Dez Bryant has taken his release by the Dallas Cowboys extremely personally. We’ve seen this in a number of ways, from his emotional Twitter activity to comments he recently made about how he was pushed out of Dallas by “Garret guys.”

On Tuesday, Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones was asked about the latter. In response, he threw some serious shade Bryant’s way.

In the words of Michael Corleone, “It’s not personal. It’s business.”

Also known as, “Grow up, kid.”

Bryant has taken this entire thing far too personally. Though, anyone who’s followed Bryant throughout his career knows he wears his emotions on his sleeve, so it’s not surprising he’s been so vocal about how he feels betrayed by the ‘Boys. That’s why he’s been trying to see if he can land in the NFC East. He wants revenge.

Based on all the stuff we’ve been seeing coming out of NFL insiders who’re tracking things, Bryant almost certainly will not end up in the NFC East, however. At this time, it seems the most likely destination for the veteran receiver would be with the Baltimore Ravens, who definitely are interested in bringing him on board.