As each NFL team prepares for training camp, coaches and front office personnel scrutinize their strengths and weaknesses to the nth degree.¬†For the purposes of this article, we’ll be playing devil’s advocate to determine where each NFL team’s greatest weakness lies.

Obviously, some teams are easier to criticize than others. For instance, there’s not much we can say negatively about the New England Patriots, who seem to have all their bases covered. Conversely, it’s almost a pick-em scenario with a team like the New York Jets, which decimated its roster this offseason in favor of a full-blown rebuild project.

However, every team — no matter how strong or how weak — carries a flaw opposing teams can exploit.

So what are those flaws? That’s what we’re going to explore.

Buffalo Bills: Anemic receiving corps

Sammy Watkins

Though on paper the Bills would appear to have an intriguing receiving corps, it’s not as attractive as it seems.

Sammy Watkins might never be able to stay healthy. He’s bordering on wearing the “injury prone” label for good. Which really sucks, because when he’s healthy Watkins is one of the more exciting down-the-field receivers in the NFL. The fact Buffalo didn’t pick up his fifth-year option speaks volumes.

Zay Jones was a record-breaking receiver at East Carolina, and he might become valuable. He’s very quick in and out of breaks but doesn’t play as fast as his 4.45-second 40-yard dash would indicate. If Watkins ends up missing a chunk of time, we’re not confident Jones will be able to take on top cornerbacks and thrive.

Corey Brown can make some plays, but he’s not a centerpiece. The same goes for Andre Holmes, Brandon Tate, Jeremy Butler, Rod Streater and every other receiver on Buffalo’s roster. What the Bills have is a veritable hodgepodge of JAGS (just a guy) at receiver that isn’t good enough to balance out the offense.