We’ve all watched in horror during games Jay Cutler has played. He’s great for a while, and then there’s the inevitable train wreck.

But one Chicago Bears Hall of Famer believes his 1985 squad would have been a dynasty if Cutler was behind center instead of Jim McMahon.

Now, it’s hard to agree with Dan Hampton here. Cutler did throw a lot more touchdowns in his career than McMahon did.

On the flip side, he also threw a lot more interceptions than McMahon. And Cutler was known for throwing those interceptions (146 of them in 139 games, to be exact) at exactly the wrong time. This is a huge reason Cutler has a career record of 68-71.

Now, McMahon did have a better supporting cast during the 1980s than Cutler did during his tenure in Chicago. But McMahon also took care of the ball a bit better, throwing 90 interceptions in his 119 games. He also posted a career record of 67-30.

Obviously these aren’t apples-to-apples comparisons. But it’s enough evidence to say that Hampton’s claims are slightly over the top. And that’s putting it nicely.