They might have the least-talented roster in the NFL. In no way are they going to compete with the New England Patriots in the AFC East. Heck, they are second-class citizens in their own stadium.

If things were bad for the New York Jets in 2016, just wait until this upcoming season. Following a house-cleaning of epic proportions, it would not be a surprise to see Todd Bowles’ team put up the worst record in football in 2017.

Though, if we expected the defending champion Patriots not to kick their rivals while they’re down, we can pretty much throw that whole idea out the window.

Well, then.

Josh Kraft, son of owner Robert Kraft, is not necessarily wrong with this statement. While the Jets do have several Pro Football Hall of Famers, they do not have a building that houses the New York Jets team Hall of Fame.

Considering there have been some tremendous players in franchise history, that has to be considered a surprise. And during a tour of the Patriots’ Hall of Fame with fans, the younger Kraft made sure the occasion didn’t pass without throwing shade the Jets’ way.

At this point, that’s just being a bully. Let a team suck on its own, especially if your squad is riding high following yet another Lombardi Trophy.