Loser: Reuben Foster, linebacker, Alabama

Reuben Foster

Perhaps no player lost more at the combine than former Crimson Tide linebacker Reuben Foster, who didn’t even get a chance to compete in a single drill.

It wasn’t a medical issue that sent Foster home. Instead, he threw a fit when he couldn’t stand waiting in line for his medical exam, reportedly pulling the “do you know who I am?” card (more on that here).

After threatening to lay hands on the medical worker who wouldn’t give in to Foster’s demands, he was not surprisingly booted from the combine.

Foster has sent an apology letter to NFL teams for what he called a “misunderstanding,” per Kimberly Jones of NFL Media. He has invited teams to visit him at Alabama Tuesday morning so he can explain his side of the story and answer any questions they have.

A player many have pegged as a top-10 pick, Foster’s combine antics have likely significantly impacted his draft stock in a negative way.