Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy had Bills fans everywhere freaking out for a little while Sunday because of something he posted on social media.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported, via Mike Rodak, that McCoy’s interesting choice of words had nothing to do with the upcoming NFL season but was rather referring to an autograph appearance in Buffalo.

Indeed, a click on McCoy’s Instagram link reveals he was inundated with support from fans in Buffalo, and he just wanted to let them all know he appreciated the love.

Buffalo was so special … thanks for everything yesterday at the signing.

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Still, for a little while, fans in Buffalo must have thought that one of their best players was going to be either released or traded.

Honestly, given all the misfortune they have faced over the years — four straight losing Super Bowl appearances and nary a playoff appearance since 1999 — it’s not hard to see why they panicked.

McCoy has been a star since being traded from the Philadelphia Eagles last year. He’s the best player on offense the Bills have going for them right now and thankfully that shouldn’t change any time soon.