Los Angeles Anglels superstar Mike Trout is taking advantage of some down time and Winter Storm Jonas to tickle his weather geek fancy. He appeared on The Weather Channel in the middle of a blizzard to talk some shop, and it was fantastic.

This isn’t some way to pass the time for Trout, who legitimately wants to become a professional meteorologist after his MLB playing days are over.

This past August Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports interviewed Trout and Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel, who had received correspondence from Trout about wanting to know everything he could about a snowstorm headed for New Jersey, where Trout lives.

In fact, Trout says he’d “love to try” being a daily weather reporter on TV after he’s finished with what is quickly becoming a legendary career in baseball.

At the time of the interview, Trout revealed he and Cantore would be trying to get him on as a correspondent during a huge winter storm:

“We’re planning on me doing a story when there’s a big storm in Jersey,” he said. “I’m gonna be on the Weather Channel. Hopefully, we get a big snowstorm.” And if not, perhaps he can do it like Cantore and follow the bad weather where it goes. “A sick vacation for me,” Trout said, “would be to go to upstate New York when a big snowstorm hits.”

And now his dream has become a reality.