Actor Mark Wahlberg appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote his new movie Ted 2, which just happens to contain a cameo by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

The conversation quickly turned into a love affair for the Patriots quarterback. Wahlberg couldn’t really hold back here, admitting that he does not give much “man love” with the exception of Brady. In one instance, the actor jokingly admitted he was telling Brady how beautiful his blue eyes were when embracing the quarterback in this photo.


Here is the detailed interview that pretty much focuses on Wahlberg’s obsession with Brady and the Patriots. For those of you who are not fans, you are joined by some of the audience members who let out an occasional boo during the slobber fest.

This type of love is usually reserved for fanboys, but the video clearly shows that Wahlberg can be grouped in with the most loyal of Brady fans.

After all, he did once call Brady “the great American hero.”