The last time the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers took on one another it wasn’t necessarily a good experience for fans from either side of the bay. Fights broke out among both group of fans, some leading to serious injuries, including gunshot wounds.

This led to the cancellation of the team’s annual preseason matchup following the game back in 2011.

Now meeting for the first time since this violent day, Oakland Raiders officials have made it clear that there is going to be an increased law enforcement and security presence on hand for the game Sunday afternoon at

It makes no sense to blame one side for the uptick in violence between the team’s fanbases. It’s a small percentage of Raiders and 49ers fans that involve themselves in these spats. Unfortunately, that ruins the in-game experience for the vast majority of peaceful fans looking to have a good time.

The one recommendation from this one scribe, who has witnessed violence at both 49ers and Raiders games, would be to avoid this one if you are bringing children or the elderly. No matter the law enforcement presence, fights will ultimately break out between the two sides. That could magnify itself even further if the 49ers, as expected, lay the wood against a bad Raiders team in Oakland.

If you do go to the game, proceed with caution.

Photo: Fox Sports