Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is an other-worldly talent, there is absolutely zero disputing that. But he certainly does not lack in the weapons department. Ted Thompson has set up the best quarterback on planet earth with a surplus of the best skill players money can buy. One being Jordy Nelson, whom every time you look up you see beating some inferior, unworthy cornerback down the field for a 50-yard reception. Seriously, are they ever gonna bring a safety over the top to help out? Will it even matter? No, probably not.

Then there’s Randall Cobb, the slot wideout extraordinaire. Would you like to know where the Packers would be without this man? I’ll give you a hint, probably not 7-3.

Through 10 games, Cobb has amassed 54 catches (on 73 targets) for 779 yards and 10 touchdowns, yet for some strange reason, he keeps getting overlooked. Maybe because Nelson makes all the flashy plays and scores all the deep touchdowns, but there are not many wide receivers —especially slot receivers— in the NFL, who are more sure-handed than Cobb is.

Look, we all know that people love the big play. That’s why we watch NASCAR solely for the crashes, that’s why chicks dig the long ball, yadda yadda yadda, we get it. But there is something to be said for the boring ‘ole lunch pail guy, the brave soul who runs the majority of his routes over the middle, where linebackers who are built like the Incredible Hulk roam freely. That guy deserves some credit too, no?

The Packers offense is absolutely rolling right now, to say the least. Averaging an absurd 42.3 points a game over their last four, which includes the back to back 50 burgers they just dropped on the Eagles and Bears.

In said four-game span, Cobb has a robust 448 receiving yards and three touchdowns.

Courtesy of USA Today: Cobb has really emerged as an elite playmaker.

With Victor Cruz out for the season with a knee injury, Wes Welker being one concussion away from retirement, and Percy Harvin having been chased out of town, Cobb has undoubtedly taken over as the NFL’s premiere slot receiver. The matchup nightmares that he presents for opposing defenses is a huge reason why you constantly see Nelson open down field. Combine that with the fact that the Packers have had a suspect running game for most of the year, and it makes what he’s doing that much more important.

Cobb has become Aaron Rodgers’ security blanket, so to speak. When there is a busted route or Rodgers is running for his life, there is nobody better at making something out of nothing than Cobb is. He ranks seventh in the NFL in first-down receptions with 42 (two behind Jordy) and is tied for fourth in receptions of 20-plus yards with 16. Julio Jones leads the league in that category with 18, just to put it into perspective.

Coming out of Kentucky, Cobb was never supposed to be this good. He was always viewed as more of a gadget kind of player. A ‘tweener with good return skills that can be effective as a scat back or a sub-package slot guy. I don’t think anyone could’ve envisioned this.

This also happens to be his contract season, so he couldn’t of picked a better time to ball like he has been. It would also certainly not surprise me to see him get more money than his teammate Jordy Nelson, who in July got a four-year, $39 million dollar extension.

There will be a bevy of teams lined up with their pocket books open this March.

And rightly so, I might add.

Photo: Fansided