Our very own Josh Collacchi focused on the bat flip in the great game of baseball in an article last month. It now appears that Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig took note of that article and wanted himself mentioned on this very same site. Good for him. 

Courtesy of Deadspin
Courtesy of Deadspin

Okay, maybe he just decided it was time to bring an amazingly awesome bat flip to the plate with him, and it had nothing to do with our equally amazing piece from last month.

You be the jury there.

At the very least, Puig made sure the ball actually made it to Havana (see all the puns here?) before flipping his bat. Avoiding the embarrassing fail of bat flipping on a fly out, Puig served that ball DEEP into the left field bleachers. WOW.

Photo: Steve Mitchell, USA Today