Hold back the PETA people because Joe Namath and his famous, but embarrassing fur coat are speaking and it’s in favor of Jets quarterback Michael Vick starting, not second-year quarterback Geno Smith for the 2014. 

Of course these two fur-infatuated quarterbacks would have a special bond, right? Anyway, coats and dogs aside, Namath seems to think that age, maturity and injury should win out over youth and interceptions when it comes to making a decision on who should be the Jets starting quarterback this September.

According to Sports Illustrated

If Mike’s healthy, I think he’s the better player at this point. Now, Geno’s got some talent, no doubt, but we’ve obviously seen Michael and what he can do. To have some knowledge of [Marty Mornhinweg’s] offense, I think that’s an advantage, too, for Michael to make the transition. It’s a matter of how sound he is.

The key word here is “if” when it comes to Vick’s health. Since Vick’s start in the NFL back in 2001, he has only one season way back in 2006, when he was with the Atlanta Falcons that he played all 16 regular season games.

As for Smith, he started all 16 games for the Jets in his first NFL season.

Sounds like a good old-fashioned coin toss could be appropriate to decide this situation.

Photo: New York Post