You simply cannot make this stuff up. According to the Greg Hardy’s girlfriend, Nicole Holder, he attacked her because of a short-lived relationship she had with hip-hop artist Nelly. 

If you remember correctly, the Carolina Panthers defensive end was arrested earlier this week on domestic violence charges.

According to a report by a local news station in Charlotte, the arrest warrant included the following…

Grabbing victim and throwing her to the floor, throwing into a bathtub, slamming her against a futon, and strangling her.

The Black and Blue Review then released transcripts from a 911 call that Hardy made to authorities during the incident.

The judge in this case has also requested that Hardy turn over all weapons and fireams as part of his bond agreement. Back to Nelly for a second, he has a long history of getting involved in love triangles in the past. With that said, the involvement of yet another big name in this suddenly big story will only complicate things further.

Was Hardy acting out of jealousy or, as he might want us to believe, self defense? Allegedly choking a woman doesn’t scream self defense to this one scribe.

We will have updated information as it breaks.

Photo: Bob Donnan, USA Today