Draft a new quarterback, and make him sit. That sounds like what the Jacksonville Jaguars are planning on doing with Blake Bortles, who they selected No. 3 overall in the NFL draft earlier this month. 

According to Jaguars coach, Gus Bradley (via NFL.com)

We really felt comfortable with (Henne) coming back with another year in the system, Bradley said. I think it gave us flexibility. When Blake was there available for us, we really wanted to capture that opportunity.

I guess the Jaguars are leery of the epic Blaine Gabbert rookie quarterback experiment from 2011. Gabbert, of course, is now in San Francisco, traded for a sixth-round pick, where he’ll be taking up bench space.

Jaguars fans will have to wait until Bortles “develops,” while Chad Henne takes the lead again.

Photo: Phil Sears, USA Today