Report: Ex-NFL Wide Receiver Terrell Owens Flat Broke

Rachel Wold
Written by Rachel Wold

What has ex-NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens spent 11 years of salary on? Apparently, he’s flat broke with a net worth of $0.

Reports show Owens earning $66.8 million over his 11-year career with the NFL. Well, it looks like all his dough is going to support babies, and mamas and baby-mamas, as reported by Celebrity Net worth.

In documents submitted to the judge, Terrell described how he is currently required to pay nearly $60,000 a month to four different baby mamas. He also pays $63,000 a month for all the homes that these women live in.

This kind of reminds me of a episode of the “Sister Wives.” If Owens had housed all his women and children together, it could have saved him tons of money over the years.

Sister Wives

Although, this wouldn’t appear to add up to millions of bucks, Owens’ money seems to have vanished. If any NFL teams are still looking for a wide receiver, they can probably get a good bargain out of the 40-year-old Owens, whose main skill is pretty much football.

Maybe Owens, who had nearly 16,000 receiving yards and multiple Pro Bowls in his career, can be Josh Gordon’s replacement.

Photo: Huffington Post

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