NY Post Shows Lack Of Class In Donald Sterling’ Cancer Report

Vincent Frank
Written by Vincent Frank

It seems that the entire world has piled on Los Angeles Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling since the alleged racism remarks he made a week ago today. NBA commisioner Adam Silver banned the owner for life and the board of governers is currently looking to force him to sell the team. 

All this was brought on him. He showed himself to be a racist at a time in America when it’s not acceptable by the mainstream. He acted the part of an ignorant tool, failing to represent his franchise and the Association.

With all that said…

What the New York Post indicated in the opening of its article reporting that Sterling was battling cancer is beyond comprehension and represents a tremendous lack of taste. It simply read…

This could wind up being a pretty short ban.


Human nature doesn’t normally allow for this type of pure hate. The idea that a “professional” and mainstream newspaper would go out of its way to crack a joke about cancer speaks volumes about how it is perceived by the masses.

I actually got sick to my stomach reading this.

In addition to that, the New York Post embedded the following quote in the piece I linked above.


There is a lack of class…and then there is this.

No matter your opinion on Sterling, it’s disgusting to wish ill will or to crack jokes about a cancer diagnosis. He has a family, he has friends, he is a human. Maybe the media, in this case one particular outlet, should act the part of a human with some sense of compassion.

Photo: Kirby Lee, USA Today

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