Did Kevin Durant’s MVP Acceptance Speech Motivate his Teammates?

Derek White
Written by Derek White

Kevin Durant officially became the 2013-14 NBA Most Valuable Player today when he accepted the trophy with an inspirational speech. Durant didn’t talk about himself very much, he talked about his teammates, his faith and his family. Rather than use generic terms, Durant spoke from the heart.

The Oklahoma City Thunder got absolutely embarrassed on their home court to the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals. On a day that was all about Durant, he took to the stage and made it about his team and those around around. He talked about each teammate individually and flat out loses his emotions in doing so. It’s clear that Durant loves basketball, but loves his teammates even more.

More importantly, Durant shows even more emotion when thanking his mom. He calls his mom his MVP, and gained a lot of new fans in doing so. Durant is a pretty quiet guy in terms of how most super stars are, so it was different to hear him give a speech with so much emotion.

For Thunder fans, hopefully this sort of emotion and dedication will spark the team so they can even the series against the Clippers in Game 2. The first round of the NBA playoffs was so wild, it would be good for everyone to see a lengthy, hard-fought battle between the Clippers and Thunder. And you’d be a fool to doubt some late-game heroics coming our way via Durant.

Who doesn’t want more of this from Durant?

four point play. and he’ll probably figure out how to do a five point play at some point

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