WATCH: Marcus Mariota catches his own pass for TD

Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota on Monday Night Football

Marcus Mariota did what few quarterbacks have ever done before at the NFL level this Saturday in Kansas City — he caught his own touchdown pass.

Rolling to the left away from pressure, Mariota threw into the end zone right at the line of scrimmage. It was almost a disaster, as a Chiefs defender got his hands on the pass and batted it up in the air. Only, instead of going for a pick-six, which it certainly could have been, Mariota caught the pass and took it into the end zone.

This was the first touchdown of the game for the Titans, who were blown out, 21-3, in the first half. This score made the game a lot closer, at 21-10, with about half the third quarter left to play.

This game has been full of some wild events, including a botched call that gave the Titans their first points of the game and an unbelievable drop by receiver Eric Decker that had social media in a frenzy.

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